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Created on Monday 20th May, 2019.

We have worked with our sponsors Antiference for years and have watched them launch new products and services but we are really excited about their new Clear Flow range which is really having an impact already in the market.

Recognising the need for more options in the WiFi hardware market, Antiference spent time and resource in planning a small range of products that would offer an affordable and easy to use options for the WiFi sector. Launching with a handful of products:-

Ceiling mount access points

In-wall access points

Wireless bridge extenders

Core gateway controller

GB Ethernet Switches

We have received fantastic feedback from all of the products which are proving really easy to use and set up. The pricing of their products is popular and enables a competitive edge when providing costs for jobs – a winner all round.

Antiference provide great support directly and have many videos to help set up and explain their products. Their great range of Clear Flow products are available at Mast Digital UK who are also able so assist with any technical enquiries and help.

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